Mask wearing most favoured by Jamaicans to prevent COVID-19 infection

Pollster Don Anderson
The latest poll of Jamaicans reveal that mask wearing is the measure most favoured by Jamaicans as an effective measure to prevent fight COVID-19 infections. 
This is the finding of the RJR Gleaner Don Anderson poll conducted August 19 to September 3 among 1,003 respondents.
"Thirty per cent (of the respondents) said wearing a mask was the most effective measure to fight COVID-19," Anderson revealed, adding that 22 per cent favoured staying at home; 12 per cent preferred social distancing.
Only 11 per cent identified vaccination as the most effective barrier to COVID-19, the poll revealed, while 10 per cent pointed to regular hand washing.
The face mask has become a prominent image associated with the covid-19 pandemic.
Mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing were among the earliest tools promoted in efforts to contain the spread of the virus.
in Jamaica, the wearing of face masks in public spaces has been mandated under the Disaster Risk Management Act.
Pollster Don Anderson says Jamaicans believe the measure has been most effective.
Seven per cent said curfews were most effective, while others said all the measures, none or they didn't know.
However, Mr. Anderson notes that, despite recognizing the effectiveness of mask wearing, some  Jamaicans are finding it hard to comply with the measure.
Mr. Anderson's poll has revealeed that  17 per cent of persons said social distancing was the most difficult, followed by 15 per cent who said vaccines, while curfews and staying at home were tied at 13 per cent.
Hand washing was considered least onerous, with only three per cent of respondents listing it as being difficult to comply with.

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