JMDA upset after doctors placed in holding cell for failing to file statutory declarations

JMDA President Dr. Mindi Fitz-Henley
A number of doctors employed to the public health system are fuming after they were placed in a holding cell following their appearance in court on Monday for failing to file statutory declarations with the Integrity Commission.
The Jamaica Medical Doctors Association has complained about the treatment meted out to them.
JMDA President Dr. Mindi Fitz-Henley told Radio Jamaica News that the doctors were kept in the holding cell for several hours as they waited to pay their fines. 
"We just find it very difficult for some and traumatic, of course, to be placed in this situation while it is that we have been focusing on trying to save persons during this pandemic," Dr. Fitz-Henley lamented. 
A notice had reportedly been issued last week alerting members that summonses were being issued for doctors to appear before the courts for failure to make their statutory declarations to the Integrity Commission.
However, the JMDA said the notice was sent to the regional health authority and not directly to the doctors so some members were initially unaware. 
Under the Integrity Commission Act, all parliamentarians and public officials in receipt of total annual gross emoluments of 3,500,000 or more are required to file statutory declarations. 
But the JMDA now wants the law to be changed to exempt doctors from that requirement since they do not control public funds. 

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